Sunday, August 16, 2009

The apartment

Recently I spent a night out with some of my friends.Regular daru and chicken fare.Stayed for the night in their rented apartment on top floor of a highrise on outskirts of mumbai.
Since then there has been 'this intense buring desire' to move out of my parents house and own my 'own house'.
Yes I am 28 and I need to move out.Mom comes up with suggestions of getting a house in neighbourhood.
But no thank you.I have been living in andheri ever since I remember and things have gotten worse in terms of
pollution.It chokes the hell out of me.If I sleep with the windows open I start every morning sneezing.

So would you my dream house to be?On the top floor of a highrise with lush green mountains in the backdrop.
Where in mumbai would I find such a place.Like every mumbaikar my dream ends like it starts with a voice in back
of my head "You need moolah first".Yeah before I even think abt house hunting I need to
get even with my credit card bills first.Damn my lousy pay check!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To be or not to be

Actually there isnt much of dilemma since everything is pretty much already decided.

Maybe my first day where I have posted more than two posts in a day.Woke up with a runny nose today and suddenly remembered there was an swine flu going around.Used that excuse to take a day off from the office.My boss chuckled when I told him I told him I am unwell and need some rest.Mom had cooked some promfrets and surmai and I ate them to my hearts content in the noon and for dinner.

Mom and Dad are back from US and it means a stop to all the wild things I did for three months while I was alone*wicked laugh* They have got a tent along with them that I am supposed to take for my next ride but I doubt it would take the himalayan breeze ....lets see

Took time off and updated my resume.My office pals had called up to inform they would be handing out appraisal letters tomorrow.Can predict I would be getting L2 though thats atleast something I would be looking forward to it.Appraisal doesnt mean increment .Lets see what the throw at me tomorrow although a job change seems imminent post leh ride.
Why do I need money so badly.Alrite bad is the next one.So when is the switch due??Answer is same as we got when we questioned the management abt the timeframe of the pay hikes "At the earliest opportunity."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shimla vacation on new years eve

Sorry for the delayed post these pics are of my family trip to shimla on new years eve almost 8 months ago.Was too lazy to post pics of it.Now that Im sitting at home with a coldhoping that its not the swine flu(Just a running nose nothing serious :-)) i finally got time to post them.

Been there hoping to catch some skiing at kufri.However the snow evaded us till the final day.No skiing however.
Caught a flight to Delhi and volvo to Delhi from ISBT at .Was put up in sarkaari guest house thanks to dad which saved me lot of money.

During spare time used to go to mall road which used to be crowded by chics

My mom and dad

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rajmachi Ride

Me,Parimal,Deepak,Glen,Khaleel,Arjun and Ravel.Didnt carry my cam since i was expecting slush.The ride was some adventure.

Link to Deepak's picassa photo gallery for the ride

A couple of videos again complied and uploaded by Deepak.

Malshej ride pics

Ride done by me with Vishal Joshi
Attached Images

Enjoy some more
Attached Images


Route was mumbai-kalyan-murbad-malshej.
Had lunch at MTDC restaurant at top of ghat and turned our way around and rode back