Sunday, July 27, 2008

Indian bikers to decend on Bhutan

1]Why am i posting abt a ride which I havent finished
Ans:Looking for sponsors for the entire biking group in return for snaps and unedited video footage of the unquie trip.

We would be putting up our pics on our individual blogs and ride reports on couple of biking groups we are part of namely BCMT and Xbhp.

Updates for bhutan over here:

The plan:
Take a train till NJP.Cover north sikkim and ride into bhutan from Phunsholing and exit from Sandrup Zonkar and fly back from Gawhati

Dates:12th september 2008 to 28th september 2008

Amit Patil (mumbai) Member on BCMT and XBHP
Anup Abraham(mumbai)Member on BCMT and XBHP
Gopi(mumbai) Member on XBHP and BCMT
Sparsh Arun(Delhi)Member on BCMT
Raju Livingstone aka Jithu(trivandrum) Member from BCMT

Keep watching this page for updates

Monday, July 21, 2008

Helmets for Whitewaters???

Whitewater rafting is sure super duper fun but some of the safety standards are really appalling.
I was surprised that even in developed countries they make you wear a life jacket however helmet isnt considered necessary.
My recent experience was with a bunch of guys in PA who managed to throw themselves from raft onto the rocks in grade 3 rapids.
Rapids whatever the grade is are caused by rocks on river bed.While some idiots call falling head first into river from raft near some rocks 'adventure of life time', I would call it dangerous stupidity and getting really lucky.You hit a rock awkwardly after you fall from raft you die on the spot.With so many deaths during whitewaters due to heads smashing on rocks I say we should make helmets compulsory everywhere for rafting.