Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Art of Survival #1:Hypothermia


Cause :Cold


Definition:Hypothermia is a condition in which an organism's temperature drops below that required for normal metabolism and bodily functions

Hypothermia can kill in only 30 minutes. Cold temperature, but also strong wind causes the body to rapidly lose heat. You start to shiver in order to maintain body heat from the rapid muscular shaking.

If your body temperature drops to 35C/95F, you'll get dizzy and disoriented. Then the shivering stops. The body now maintains temperature only around the important organs; heart, brain and lungs by shutting down blood circulation to the arms and legs.

At 30C/86F, your pulse is weak and slow. Your blood vessels widen. Now, you feel hot and want to remove your clothes, finally slipping into unconsciousness.

At 24C/75F your heartbeat stops. How fast you drop temperature will determine how rapidly you´ll perish. 30 minutes is more than enough!


* Low body temperature
* Abnormally low body temperature
* Drowsiness
* Slow heartbeat
* Slow breathing
* Shivering
* Weakness
* Drowsiness
* Confusion
* Purple toes
* Purple fingers

Initial Signs (Mild Hypothermia)
Bouts of shivering
Grogginess and muddled thinking
Breathing and pulse are normal

Danger Signs of Worsening Hypothermia(Moderate Hypothermia)
Violent shivering or shivering stops
Inability to think and pay attention
Slow, shallow breathing
Slow, weak pulse

Signs of Severe Hypothermia
Shivering has stoppedUnconsciousnessLittle or no breathingWeak, irregular or non-existent pulse


1. Stay dry. If you do get wet, change immediately into dry clothes.Staying wet increases your chances of succumbing to hypothermia 25 times...Remember people from Titanic were dead within 4-5 minutes of being in water of atlantic at 4 degrees.They didnt drown but froze to death

2. Do not exhaust yourself in cold weather. Avoid perspiring.

3. Dress in wool and synthetic layers. Avoid cotton because it takes a long time to dry. Adjust clothing for overcooling, overheating, perspiration,and external moisture.

4. Bring extra clothing (including wood or synthetic hat and socks) so you are prepared for the worst possible weather conditions.

5. Stay hydrated. Drink at least 3 to 4 liters of fluid daily. During extreme exercise, drink more (5 to 6 liters per day).* Ingesting snow is an inefficient way to replace water, as it worsens hypothermia. At night, fill a container with at least one quart of water,and sleep with it to keep it from freezing.

6. Do not skip meals; you need food (fuel) for your body to generate heat. Do not consume alcoholic beverages; alcohol impairs your body''s ability to remain warm.

7. Seek shelter in times of extreme cold and high winds.

8. Don''t sit on cold rocks, metal, snow or ice without insulation beneath you. Insulate yourself from the ground with a pad, backpack, log, or tree limb.

9.Cover your head with warm caps to avoid heat loss

Initial Treatment:For mild to moderate hypothermia:

1.Drink hot(luke-warm) drinks, followed by candy or other high-sugar foods

2.Increase exercise, if possible

3.Get into a pre-warmed sleeping bag or blankets

4.Full blown Hypothermia will not be improved by additional clothing since clothing doesn’t generate heat. In difficult climbing situations, you need to put hot water bottles in your armpits, to your crotch and/or stomach.

5.As a last resort, strip and get into a sleeping bag - together with another undressed person, to warm up by the others body heat (yeah, yeah - keep your dirty imagination to yourself!).

Monday, October 22, 2007


I am a big fan of Micheal Moore(of farenheit 9/11) fame and this movie/documentary doesnt dissapoint.This documentary points out the appaling state of healthcare in most developed nation in the world.He further goes to investigate cases wherein health care insurance has been denied to people who were paying premiums for it.He then compares it wid european countries and interviewing people over there.The movie reaches its purposes when Micheal Moore shows that healthcare was even denied to 9/11 rescuers and believe it or not he takes them to no other place then CUBA( US of A archrival ) and to the atonishment of everyone the rescuers get lot of respect and appropriate health care in one of the most underdeveloped communist nation.One more of micheal moores beautiful documentary.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Another bourne flick.Okish action.Jason Bourne tries to find out abt his past.A cia deputy director tires to stop him from doing it.Its yet another good guy against the black suited guys flick.Bang bang and tomato ketchup.Entertaining movie.Better than other jason bourne flicks which I can hardly remember :-).

Wednesday, October 17, 2007



The sun is dying.A team from earth is sent towards the sun with a stellar bomb to reignite the sun.Incarus-2 has a crew of about 7-8.Enroute to sun they discover a distress signal from the earlier failed mission to reignite the sun Incarus-1.After a debate whether they should continue on their mission or rescue crew of Incarus-1 they set enroute after the physics guy says that they have a better chance of succeeding in their mission if they use the payload(Stellar bomb) on Incarus-1 too.That gives them two chances to reigniting the sun.Later a navigational error and subsequent repair has their captain dead and command transferred to second in command.More accients follows while repair which causes further damage to spacecraft and more descrutcion of their oxygen farm which totally renmoves the option of returning back alive from the mission.The naviagator is put on drugs after he feels responsible for death of his captian and feeling sucidal.

Now Incarus 1 is the only hope of the crew of damaged Incarus2.After docking with Incarus 1 the crew finds all its system intact.Only finds possible sabotage from one of the crew members.A accident forces all the crew members to return to Incarus2 and abondon Incarus1.One crew member dies and another sacrifices himself.

Someone has quitely sneaked in Incarus 2 while it was docked.

The biometric analysis shows that there is only enuf oxygen for four crew members to survive till delivery point.The captain takes a descion to kill the drugged navigator to find that he has already slashed his own wrists.Biometric scan again shows five people including one intruder.The intruder is the surviving captain of incarus 1 who is hell bent on sabotaging incarus 2 too coz he feels that humans are going against god by reigniting the sun when gods want them to die.Killing and sabotage follows just the captain and the physics guy saves the world sacrificing themselves.

Nice interesting movie.Worth a watch and a good sci-fi movie on lines of event horizon

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Flag of our fathers(2007)

Flag of our fathers(2007)Rating:-3/5
Review:A decent Clint Eastwood movie.Its abt when america attacked Japs on two Jima islands during second world war.A photograph of few american soldiers hosting a their national flag makes it into news papers and captures the imagination of american people.Most of the soldiers in the photograph dont make it back.Four guys seen in the photograph are hailed as national heros.Their fame is used by army/politicans to generate revenue for the war.This story is abt them as they come to terms with fame and flashback of horrors of war.Overall an interesting movie

Place:Mumbai-Pune Volvo bus
Review:I generally dont watch hindi films unless they are exceptionally good.This movie was played on way back to mumbai on a volvo bus.This movie is a complete mindfuck remake of 'HITCH'.Surprisingly this movie of the hits produced by Bollywood in year 2007