Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Flag of our fathers(2007)

Flag of our fathers(2007)Rating:-3/5
Review:A decent Clint Eastwood movie.Its abt when america attacked Japs on two Jima islands during second world war.A photograph of few american soldiers hosting a their national flag makes it into news papers and captures the imagination of american people.Most of the soldiers in the photograph dont make it back.Four guys seen in the photograph are hailed as national heros.Their fame is used by army/politicans to generate revenue for the war.This story is abt them as they come to terms with fame and flashback of horrors of war.Overall an interesting movie

Place:Mumbai-Pune Volvo bus
Review:I generally dont watch hindi films unless they are exceptionally good.This movie was played on way back to mumbai on a volvo bus.This movie is a complete mindfuck remake of 'HITCH'.Surprisingly this movie of the hits produced by Bollywood in year 2007

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