Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hedvi ride

Did a solo weekend ride from mumbai to hedvi.The run of NH-17 was simple pleasure ride and the ghats in kokan arent even challenging if you have done himalayas.The overall beauty of kokan...simply pleased me.Much better to the eyes then my Indiana Jones ride to auranagabad.Here I could atleast enjoy the green mountains.

Well there isnt much of a triplog:

Route taken was
mumbai-panvel-khed-chiplun-guhagar-vengleshwar(300 kms)

Post mahad the twisties on nh-17 are a delight

It was a two day trip I stayed back at vengleshwar at a lodge for 400 bucks.Of course there is a kinara beach resort which I would recommend.

For food through the trip was misal pav

Taking the Bike on the beach was a real pain in a$$ if you are solo with lot of huff-huff puff-puff as the beach is mostly walled up with locals having private houses.

Occasionally there is wall collapsed at places etc and you can drag the Bike on the beach with lot of sweat and Bike getting stuck in the rocks,silencer kissing the stones business enroute to the beach

I had asked a local wid a motorcycle "How do you take the Bike on the beach??" First there is no road for the vehicle to the beach and he said you cant ride a motorcycle on this beach!!!!Nobody does that.Soil is very soft.I gave him the sweetest smile I could.

This ride was 300 km a day pleasure ride.Loved going to a beach that is virtually unknown

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pushkar Mela 2007

Some of the pics clicked in pushkar mela 2007 at pushkar visited by me(Amit Patil) and Vishal Sevani from mumbai.Pushkar mela is the largest cattle trading fair help in rajasthan every kartik month of hindu calender.People from the entire world converge upon this holy place to witness colors of India

Painted Ass

Choas reigns supreme

This horsey costs 51 lakhs.....4 R1 for one horse

Get set Go camel race:

The ghats:

Pray to hindu gods and muslim prophets for sending the rich gfs

Friday, December 14, 2007

I am a Legend(2007)

I am a Legend

Reviews:This movie is like half life game.There were lots of bored people in the theater.But anyone who has played might like the movie.

A deadly virus has spread and will smith is immune to the virus.He is a medic and used to work in US military as a colonel.No he is the only human rest all are mutated zombies (like in HL).He has whole city to himself during the day time where he goes shopping for food in empty stores,plays golf on empty parked SR71s,has a van gogh painting in bedroom.

He is out to find cure for the virus and he has his dog for company.For some reason canines are immune to airborne virus but can be infected by injuries inflicted by fighting from other infected animals.

Oh during the night zombies(night seekers) rule the town.They cant go our in sunlight though.They are agressive and kill to eat up other humans.

One fine day he finds out that a cure he has tested on rats is showing some progress and he thinks it okay to do testing on zombies.He finds traps a female zombie and packs her up for testing.This pisses her zombie bf who kills will smith's dog by infecting him.Will smith loses it on finding his only canine companion dead and goes fighting zombies at night.

Once almost dead in night he is rescued by another immune female who has travelled to NYC hearing will smiths radio broadcasts.Well there is a surviors somewhere in mountains where virus cant survive due to cold conditions and they both are ready to go there.Meanwhile female zombie tests are showing progress and she is improving.

Meanwhile zombies re pissed off wid will smith & his new friend and they attack their home and will smith gives up his life to save his new cure and the female companion takes the cure to surviors colony.

Bottomline: Dont go to this movie wid your GF.She will kill you for boring her.Go wid your psycho friends and you people might actually find the movie entertaining.Will Smith rocks and imagine how difficult it must have been to act when you are the only person and rest all things in the movie are computer generated.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

ART OF SURVIVAL #4:Water Procurement


More than three-fourths of your body is composed of fluids. Your body loses fluid as a result of heat, cold, stress, and exertion. To function effectively, you must replace the fluid your body loses. So, one of your first goals is to obtain an adequate supply of water.

Before we discuss how to obtain water,here are some of the fluids which shouldnt be replaced for water:

1]Alcoholic beverages: Dehydrates body n adds to your woes incase you are thirsty

2]Urine:Contains body waste.Has over 2% salt.

3]Sea Water:Is about 4 percent salt. It takes about 2 liters of body fluids to rid the body of waste from 1 liter of saltwater. Therefore, by drinking seawater you deplete your body's water supply, which can cause death.

4]Blood:Is salty and consider a food; therefore, requires additional body fluids to digest. May transmit disease.

5]Ice:Ice shouldnt be eaten without melting.Eating ice drops your body temperature and might worsen your condition if you are stuck up somewhere.


__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Environment:Frigid areas

Source: (Snow and Ice)

Technique: Melt and purify the water

TIPS: Do not eat snow/ice without melting! Eating snow and ice can reduce body temperature and will lead to more dehydration.
Snow/Ice can be impure.Purity of snow is equal to purity of water from which it is formed.Sea ice can have salt content
__________________________________________________ ______________________________


Source:Sea water
1.Desalinating.Boil salt water with a shirt suspended above the boiling water, which absorbs the steam leaving you with a shirt full of potable water. wring out and drink..
2.US special forces carry portable seawater desalinator kits.Dont know if they are available in market


Catch rain in tarps or in other water-holding material or containers.More on rain water catchment later...

TIPS:Do not drink seawater without desalting.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Compiled from various internet sources:


Spotting a poisonous snake is important in preventing and treating snakebites
There are no infallible rules for expedient identification of poisonous snakes in the field, because the guidelines all require close observation or manipulation of the snake's body.
The best strategy is to leave all snakes alone if you are no expert.

Poisonous snakes in Indiapics coming up...photobucket site down for maintainance)


3]Russel Viper

4]Saw-Scaled Viper

There are two types of toxins in snake venoms:

* Hemotoxin (blood toxin) : Hemotoxic venom attacks the circulatory system and muscle tissue causing excessive scarring, gangrene, and sometimes leads to amputation of the affected area. This venom basically destroys tissue and blood cells. In addition to killing the prey, part of the function of a hemotoxic venom for some animals is to aid digestion. The venom breaks down protein in the region of the bite, making prey easier to digest.ex : Vipers

* Neurotoxin (nerve toxin) : Neurotoxic venom attacks the victim's central nervous system and usually result in heart failure and/or breathing difficulties or even total respiratory paralysis. eg: Cobras, Kraits, Coral snakes.

Some snakes have venom that is both hemotoxic and neurotoxic.

Golden question:
Will I survive a bite from poisonous snakebite

Answer is there is a very high probability you will.More on this later

Advice on avoiding bites:


1] never aggravate a dangerous animal in any way or try and provoke it into an attack.

2] do not try to capture a snake unless you are an experienced herpetologist. Never get influenced by ease with which steve Irwin captured reptiles on his show.He was a super-expert.

3] when out walking in snake zones, look down and at the the areas immediately either side of where you will be treading.
If you wish to travel at night then a torch is essential for your safety as many of these beasts are nocturnal hunters.

4] wear substantial socks and boots when wild walking.

5] do not lift up large stones or fallen vegetative matter unless absolutely necessary and if you must, proceed with extreme caution. These are favoured places for animals of the biting persuasion.

6] if a snake is within striking distance and you are lucky enough to notice it - don't panic! Stay absolutely still. These animals are very quick to strike and may strike in defence if you make a sudden movement. Move back veeery sloooowly.


Lets understand what are dry bites.

Since the act of delivering venom is completely voluntary, all venomous snakes are capable of biting without injecting venom into their victim. Such snakes will often deliver such a "dry bite" (about 50% of the time)rather than waste their venom on a creature too large for them to eat. Some dry bites may also be the result of imprecise timing on the snake's part, as venom may be prematurely released before the fangs have penetrated the victim’s flesh.

More coming up in this post.................................

Thursday, November 8, 2007



Before starting a fire, make sure you follow certain safety rules. Firstly, never throw gasoline or other combustible fluids on a fire. The fire can blow outwards, burning skin and catching clothes on fire. Secondly, clear a space of about six feet, all the way around the intended fire spot to prevent the fire, once it’s started, from traveling. If it’s a grassy area, remove the grass and build the fire on the dirt. And be sure to completely extinguish any fire or hot coals before abandoning the area.


There are three things to laying a fire:
2]kindling wood
3]fuel wood

TINDER:Tinder is dry material that ignites with little heat—a spark starts a fire. The tinder must be absolutely dry to be sure just a spark will ignite it. If you only have a device that generates sparks, charred cloth will be almost essential. It holds a spark for long periods, allowing you to put tinder on the hot area to generate a small flame. You can make charred cloth by heating cotton cloth until it turns black, but does not burn. Once it is black, you must keep it in an airtight container to keep it dry.


To make this fire arrange the tinder and a few sticks of kindling in the shape of a tepee or cone. Light the center. As the tepee burns, the outside logs will fall inward, feeding the fire. This type of fire burns well even with wet wood.

To lay this fire push a green stick into the ground at a 30-degree angle. Point the end of the stick in the direction of the wind. Place some tinder deep under this lean-to stick. Lean pieces of kindling against the lean-to stick. Light the tinder. As the kindling catches fire from the tinder, add more kindling.

To use this method scratch a cross about 30 centimeters in size in the ground. Dig the cross 7.5 centimeters deep. Put a large wad of tinder in the middle of the cross. Build a kindling pyramid above the tinder. The shallow ditch allows air to sweep under the tinder to provide a draft.

To lay this fire place two small logs or branches parallel on the ground. Place a solid layer of small logs across the parallel logs. Add three or four more layers of logs or branches, each layer smaller than and at a right angle to the layer below it. Make a starter fire on top of the pyramid. As the starter fire burns, it will ignite the logs below it. This gives you a fire that burns downward, requiring no attention during the night. There are several other ways to lay a fire that are quite effective. Your situation and the material available in the area may make another method more suitable.


1. Waterproof, strike-anywhere matches are your best bet. Matches may be water-proofed by dipping them in nail polish. Store your matches in a waterproof container.(Never tried it personally)

2. A cigarette lighter is also a good way to produce a spark, with or without fuel.

3. The electric spark produced from a battery will ignite a gasoline dampened rag.

4. Allow the suns rays to pass through a magnifying glass onto the tinder.

5. Flint way.Be carefuly not to injure yourself using this primative method


Always extinguish a fire before you leave a campsite.You can use liberal doses of water available or anything else for that matter

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Indiana Jones ride

3rd November:

Ride:Couldnt sleep previous night.Got up from bed and started at around 4:30.Went to ghatkopar and took the NH-3.NH-3 is really bad after outskirts of mumbai where it becomes two laner

Crossed kasara and clicked some pics at Igarpuri(Powerlines are all over the place and really hard to miss in pics)

Reached Nasik and stopped to eat misal pav for breakfast at a fast food joint.Followed it up with Idlis
Checked my watch.It was 10:00 and I was still in Nasik.

Picked up my Glossary Term: Bike

Click on the link for additional information about this term from our glossary.', this, event, tipwidth)" onmouseout="delayhidetip()">Bike
and started speeding on NH-3.

On map there is a road which goes to aurangabad via malegoan and u have to go till Malegoan on NH-3.But just 2-3 Kms after nasik I saw a road sign which showed turn right for aurangabad.Obviously a shortcut but that meant going off a highway into small road I have never been on and did not know about.

There is a small statue of man playing drum on right side of NH-3 in Nasik and this is where you turn right.

Man playing drum(Pic taken after turning right)

I decided to try that road for a few kms and return back if it didnt work.A couple of kms into the road I saw signboard for aurangabad

I continued on the road and there were road signs which led me to aurangabad.Sometimes I stopped and asked locals for directions just to check.

Passed Niphad,Yeola,Vaijapur(take a left near ambedkar statue in Vaipur or ask locals ) and after shivoor this road joins the road coming from Malegoan.

U turn left and u reach ellora which comes 25-30 kms before aurangabad.
There are signboards for ellora turn.

Reached Ellora at 2:00 ish.A neat 340 kms from my home in mumbai.Checked in a Hotel Kailash(Recommended by lonely planet and seemed best place in ellora).It had rooms for 900 bucks onwards.I asked if there are any economy rooms.He replied we have a little arrangement for 400 bucks and he took me to small economy rooms.Okayish stuff and I decide to checkin.The manager tells me I can park my on side of room

No Hot water or TV for room of 400 bucks(Must be available in higher end rooms)

Day 1 Continued........

Having reached ellora and checking in at hotel I still had some time before sun-down and decided to check the caves(I would be visiting them in detail tomm)

Took a ticket(No ticket taken for still camera)

Went straight to Kailash Temple which is bang in front of ellora entance.

Abt Kailash temple *sigh*!!!!!!!!!Whats the big deal abt a temple...we got plenty f them in India.

Wait let me tell you something abt it.This temple ius atleast 1200-1300 years old.It took 150 years to build and 7000 workers worked here in shifts.This would give u some idea.Let me tell you something more...This temple is monolithic..its dug out from a single rock.

The work started from top and they started chipping away with primitive tools the had.The work progressed towards the bottom of the temple.

Can u imagine the whole structure build from a single rock???Let me tell you twice the size of parthenon in Greece.And its beautiful!!!

Ravana lifting kailash parvat with lord shiva dn parvati

IMHO this structure is the singlemost important building in India after Taj,maybe it even surpasses Taj .Jut that people dont know abt it and it hasnt been marketed.


Day 2...still at ellora:
Returned to caves in the morning hoping to find less rush.Posed for a few photographs.

The caves at ellora are mix of hindu,buddist and jain caves...all of them are beautiful.One worth a notable mention is the vishwakarmas cave(Cave No.10)
Its a prayer hall and the a 'AUM' chanted simply echos and reverberates beautifully.

Vishwakarmas cave(Carpenters cave or cave No.10):

Shiva crushing Ravana who has lifted Kailash parbat:


Day ajanta

Having finished seeing the caves ,i quickly hogged my meal and check out at approx 12:15 in noon and rode to ajanta.Ajanta is a good 115 kms away from Ellora.
Go to khultabad and there is a road which goes to Phulmabari and it straight away goes to Ajanta.Road is well marked in Devnagri and u shouldnt have any troubles reaching Ajanta.

On reaching ajanta caves I was stopped by security guard who told me to park my and go visit the caves.

AJANTA CAVES ARE CLOSED ON MONDAY . And tommorow was monday.
And they close at 5:30 pm every working day and it was already 2:00 noon.

I asked him abt hotels nearby.He said there was MTDC guest house right there at Ajanata(Charges Rs.1200 onwards) or I could go to their guest house on the same road at Fardhapur (1 Km away)...charges Rs.350 bucks.

I checked in at Fardhapur extension and trekked back for 1 kms to see ajanta caves.
It was almost 3:00 by now.So I had two and half hours to complete seeing all of them.

There is a MTDC bus from caves gate which takes you right till the caves(4 kms).
You arent allowed private vehicles insides caves complex unlike ellora.



Day 2...continued:

Cave No 1:Has a beautiful padmapani image shown.

There is a beautiful boddhisatva painting too

I skipped some non major caves due to lack of time.But again Cave No.24 is worth mention.

A sad thing to mention is their is some graffiti in cave no.16 and 'X loves Y' scratches on otherwise some beautiful stuff.

They wanted to be immortal.Of course these hooligans deserve to be in hall of shame.

Good thing is with these places being declared as heritage sites they are well protected as of today.

I completed my sightseeing by 5:30 and returned to my guest house:


Day 3:Towards Lonar crater
Started early to reach Lonar crater.
There is a buldhana road right at ajanta village which is at some distance from the caves
Took buldhana-chikli-mehekar-lonar road.Pretty much small state roads but well marked in devnagri.You can ask the locals and some simpletons present at every village chowk.

Once you cross lonar village(pretty big place) u can take a right turn to reach the crater which is a couple of kilometers away from the village.
I checked in the MTDC resort.
It has dorms at 150 bucks per bed and 700 bucks per room.I decided to go in for a room.
Pretty decent resort with a restaurant offering pretty good lunch and dinner

About Lonar crater:

Its a 1.8 kms in diameter and nearly 7 kms in crater circumference.It is caused by asteriod hit to the earth.If you have seen movies like 'Armageddon' ,'Deep Impact' you know what asteriod hit means.
Well this was a real event which happened 50000 years ago.
Asteriod hits are very common on earth with average interval a hit every 50 k years.That means we are very much due for the next one

Dont worry there is someone who keeps watching for them

The impact at Lonar was calculated at intensity of 6 MT bomb.To know what it means the hiroshima nuclear bomb was 0.015 MT bomb(15 kiloton bomb).
So it must have been quite a eventful day at lonar 50000 years ago

Day 3:contd..

when u see the lonar crater its clear something fell down from the sky.

I entered the crater post lunch.There are stairs from near the pwd resthouse.
Rather a steep descent.
There is a small trail which goes through the thick forest and the trail circumnavigates the crater.
U can see various birds and animals if you come at evening time.Obviously at 3:00 in the noon every creature apart from me was having a afternoon siesta.
Luckily spotted a mangoose and some peahens.No luck wid peacocks though.
The trail grew smaller after about half the way and obviously it hadnt been walked on for several weeks from the outgrowth of bushes.
The trail grew smaller

I decided to return to my guesthouse since the animals werent seen.
There was a power cut in my guesthouse from 6:00 pm to 9:15 pm after which
i had my dinner


Day four :

Nothing much to write about.
It was a harrowing 527 kms ride back home on mostly two laners.
I gotta cover 500 kms + so no fooling around kind of ride
Route taken was

-------------THE END---------------------

Find all the pics here: