Friday, December 14, 2007

I am a Legend(2007)

I am a Legend

Reviews:This movie is like half life game.There were lots of bored people in the theater.But anyone who has played might like the movie.

A deadly virus has spread and will smith is immune to the virus.He is a medic and used to work in US military as a colonel.No he is the only human rest all are mutated zombies (like in HL).He has whole city to himself during the day time where he goes shopping for food in empty stores,plays golf on empty parked SR71s,has a van gogh painting in bedroom.

He is out to find cure for the virus and he has his dog for company.For some reason canines are immune to airborne virus but can be infected by injuries inflicted by fighting from other infected animals.

Oh during the night zombies(night seekers) rule the town.They cant go our in sunlight though.They are agressive and kill to eat up other humans.

One fine day he finds out that a cure he has tested on rats is showing some progress and he thinks it okay to do testing on zombies.He finds traps a female zombie and packs her up for testing.This pisses her zombie bf who kills will smith's dog by infecting him.Will smith loses it on finding his only canine companion dead and goes fighting zombies at night.

Once almost dead in night he is rescued by another immune female who has travelled to NYC hearing will smiths radio broadcasts.Well there is a surviors somewhere in mountains where virus cant survive due to cold conditions and they both are ready to go there.Meanwhile female zombie tests are showing progress and she is improving.

Meanwhile zombies re pissed off wid will smith & his new friend and they attack their home and will smith gives up his life to save his new cure and the female companion takes the cure to surviors colony.

Bottomline: Dont go to this movie wid your GF.She will kill you for boring her.Go wid your psycho friends and you people might actually find the movie entertaining.Will Smith rocks and imagine how difficult it must have been to act when you are the only person and rest all things in the movie are computer generated.

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Anonymous said...

This is a good review ... I understood more about the movie after reading ur review rather than after seeing the movie ... I encourage u to rite more such reviews .... seen mithya??