Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Random Lyrics:

My Kryptonite(Three doors down)..

I took a walk around the world to
Ease my troubled mind
I left my body laying somewhere
In the sands of time
I watched the world float to the dark
Side of the moon
I feel there is nothing I can do, yeah

I watched the world float to the
Dark side of the moon
After all I knew it had to be something
To do with you
I really don't mind what happens now and then
As long as you'll be my friend at the end

If I go crazy then will you still
Call me Superman
If I'm alive and well, will you be
There holding my hand
I'll keep you by my side with
My superhuman might

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Art of survival #6:Quicksand

Compiled info from various internet sources and tv shows:


Can you get sink in quicksand:
Answer:very difficult to sink in quicksand.Real quicksand is certainly hard to get out of, but it doesn't suck people under the way it always seems to in the movies.

Why is it dangerous??
Answer:Getting caught in quicksand isnt generally fatal unless you fall head first.But getting caught in quicksand near the sea, which is generally where quicksand is found can get you in trouble.
When the high tide comes in, you could drown. Else you might die out of thirst and starvation if you are alone.

The density of quicksand, at 2 grams per cubic centimetre, is twice the density of a human (1 gram per cubic centimetre), so stuck you might be, but drowned you wouldn’t!

Do you ask your friends to throw in a rope and pull you out???

Answer:No.force needed for someone to pull their foot out of quicksand at a speed of a centimeter a second would be the equivalent of that required to lift a medium-size car.Quite likely you will end up injuring yourself.

way to free yourself.

Answer:The way to do it is to wriggle your legs around. This creates a space between the legs and the quicksand through which water can flow down to dilate the sand.You can get out using this technique, if you do it slowly and progressively.

A video demo found on youtube how do free yourself: