Wednesday, October 17, 2007



The sun is dying.A team from earth is sent towards the sun with a stellar bomb to reignite the sun.Incarus-2 has a crew of about 7-8.Enroute to sun they discover a distress signal from the earlier failed mission to reignite the sun Incarus-1.After a debate whether they should continue on their mission or rescue crew of Incarus-1 they set enroute after the physics guy says that they have a better chance of succeeding in their mission if they use the payload(Stellar bomb) on Incarus-1 too.That gives them two chances to reigniting the sun.Later a navigational error and subsequent repair has their captain dead and command transferred to second in command.More accients follows while repair which causes further damage to spacecraft and more descrutcion of their oxygen farm which totally renmoves the option of returning back alive from the mission.The naviagator is put on drugs after he feels responsible for death of his captian and feeling sucidal.

Now Incarus 1 is the only hope of the crew of damaged Incarus2.After docking with Incarus 1 the crew finds all its system intact.Only finds possible sabotage from one of the crew members.A accident forces all the crew members to return to Incarus2 and abondon Incarus1.One crew member dies and another sacrifices himself.

Someone has quitely sneaked in Incarus 2 while it was docked.

The biometric analysis shows that there is only enuf oxygen for four crew members to survive till delivery point.The captain takes a descion to kill the drugged navigator to find that he has already slashed his own wrists.Biometric scan again shows five people including one intruder.The intruder is the surviving captain of incarus 1 who is hell bent on sabotaging incarus 2 too coz he feels that humans are going against god by reigniting the sun when gods want them to die.Killing and sabotage follows just the captain and the physics guy saves the world sacrificing themselves.

Nice interesting movie.Worth a watch and a good sci-fi movie on lines of event horizon

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vimase said...

what sort of review is this?? one gets confused with Incarus 1 and Incarus 2 and in the end one is left wondering as to why the heck did i click on this link. one who wud have otherwise seen this movie will also not see this movie now after reading ur review.