Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random Ramblings

Rains are here since today morning, looks like the mess in life is clearing itself up and I would be riding soon.

Some updates about work and life in general.
We are done with a certain milestone for my workplace project and the QA work is all set to start and looks like the date for shipping the product is on target.So its just bug fixing and adding new ones now onwards :D and what this means is I am leaving for the mountains in september as planned.

There was a daru party thrown in for the project at office yesterday.Managed to give it the slip since I am tired of being around with people from office.Instead went up to the Oberio mall and met with a old friend at CCD in the mall and spent hours chit chatting abt the good old days.Made me feel a lot better.We agreed to go on trek next month and am looking forward to it.

Am at home on saturday after a very long time.Was dying to go back there so visted the Gym first thing today morning.Had picked up a 'Winner Stands alone' and 'The Afghan' from crosswords last month and spent the day reading them.

Mom and dad would be coming back home next month end from my brothers place and I am looking forward to Ghar ka Khana after a long time.
Got a call from Vaibhav Gokhale last week and apparently he is joining me for Ladakh roadtrip in September 09(Tentative date is September 12 09).I was planning to go solo but Vaibhav is an exceptionally cooperative rider and he is generally the first person I call up when I plan any ride.Well I am literally counting days backwards now.Got my DSLR out of the cupboard today:D

Mmmm........What else did I do to make myself feel better?
Amongst the things I can put up on this blog I tried some shopping birthday is next month.Got myself a Casio Protrek watch already for 28th birthday.Since I lost my watch in US I was without one for about almost a year now.Wanted to buy a G-Shock but this thingy caught on my attention.Its got tons of things like digital compass,altimeter,thermometer.And yeah baby its all titanium :D.Its solar powered needs to be uncovered so I get a reason to flaunt it out of shirt cuffs to show it off these days.If I keep yapping abt it the next time we meet try to show that you are interested in listening to it :D

I am going to Tirupati next month for Balaji Darshan to ask for blessing during my birthday and also to wash away some of my sins :Would be going train to save money and am dreading travelling by sleeper class.


Vishal said...

u sure a single visit to balaji will help u wash ur multitude sins (lol joking). good wishes for ur 28th bday in advance (i guess 28 wud remind u to stay away from 14 year olds (joking again :) ))

Anonymous said...

hey amit how do i contact u???

Anonymous said...

amit i am wishing to go on a mumbai leh bike trip with a frnd of mine. need to speak to u> how do i contact u? i can be reached on will appreciate your mail.
thank u

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anonymous said...
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