Friday, April 25, 2008

Water world(Georgia aquarium)

Travellers: Amit Patil and Kunal Parwal

teamed up wid my college buddy who was in atlanta where i am in phoreign.The dumb f**k was staying here for one year and did not visit the largest aquarium in the world .

Presenting the 'Georgia Aquarium'

PS:I still havent got my SLR.I would be going to B&H in NY and picking it up myself.Its 650$ in best buy shop in atlanta against 590 dollars in B&H.Gorilla pods are 20 bucks each
PICS CLICKED ARE FROM SIMPLE P&S SUCKY CAMERA(Not mine) and the dude I borrowed the camera from had set it to small pics mode and I didnt notice itSo all pics are 640*480

Okay the story:Kunal was the sleepover at my hotel room for saturday nite.We did shopping in saturday.Arrow shirts/Van huesen are available for 10 $ at Marshalls(best buy for clothing).Watched Bank job movie (streaming video no downloads). We woke up at 8:30 and took metro from lindberg to five points station.

Further caught up a bus 97 till Georgia aquarium

saw fish

The shark whale

there were displays also which you get to touch some fishes(touched star fish,shrims(jhingaa)....

Touching J-fish


NobelKVS said...

Just for Gag

I am reminded of these famous quotes:

"The easiest thing to find is fault".

"To err is human, to blame the next guy even more so"

"Worthless people blame others for their mistakes"

Kunal said...

Dude all of my frnds hd been der and i cudnt find company to go der until u arrived :)..why did u spoil the last pic by coming in the middle :P..and ya stop blaming others :)