Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dhabosa Ride

I got some backlog I gotta finish so posting some of the old rides:

This ride happened a year ago with Vishal Joshi(Fiero) and Vinod Mehtar(P180)

It was a lazy 400 kms ride.

Took the NH-3 which I somehow hate very much and took a diversion towards Jawahar at Kasara.
Its a small road which does thru all the little hamlets and all..

this is the board where you gotta take turn:

there were some mouthwatering twisties that followed:)

We reached Jawahar Lake and stopped to click some pics

Dhabosa waterfall is short distance from jawahar:

We reached waterfall.For a supposedly 300 foot waterfall I was disappointed to find there wasnt much of water:

We decided to climb down to the base of the fall.The walk is a wee bit steep.Me and Vishal in yellow jacket:

After spending some time at the base of the fall.Didnt have any spare clothes to dive into the pics.So I happily clicked pics from the shore.

Climbed up back to the road.The climb back was exhausting(Maybe Im getting old :D)

Had a nice lunch of bhakri(Local bread /form of roti) and dal fry.

Rode back from NH-8 via charoti and back to mumbai

mumbai-kasara ghat(NH-3)-jawahar-dhabosa-jawahar-charoti(NH-8)-Mumbai

Distance:400 kms

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