Saturday, December 19, 2009

Suffering from blackberry fever already!!!!

Well yesterday I just ordered my first smartphone since my unlocked blackberry 8830 from ebay for 10k bucks..It will be shipped on monday and it would reach me this week.Am already eagarly awaiting it arrival.

Meanwhile the blackberry fever has caught up with me.Am desperately looking out for best blackberry plans.I am using BPL mobile for past 6 years and am not changing my cellnumber for obvious reasons.With mobile number portability postponed to April 2010 ill still have to put up with Loop mobile.Might go in for a second connection from Airtel just to explore my blackberry potential.Spent the whole day yesterday reading abt how cool my new cellphone is.

I currently used Nokia 5030 which I had got for 2k and for past 6 months it was an object of mockery amongst friends,office colleagues and even my boss not to mention the poort reception quality.

Well thats it from me until my new cellphone arrives.

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